Insurance Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Design

Trademarks, patents, and copyrights main use is to protect your intellectual property. A trademark protects brands, logos and slogans. A patent protects new inventions, processes, or scientific creations. A copyright protects original works of authorship. Our professional staff will guide you to obtaining Bahrain, US and UK Trademarks and patents.


It is a sign used to distinguish goods and services of a project from another project for the same goods and services.


A patent is an exclusive right granted to an invention that is a product or process that provides a new way of accomplishing a work or provides a new technical solution to a problem. The invention must be new, non-intuitive and includes an innovative and industrially applicable step.

Industrial design

It is the decorative or aesthetic appearance of something, and the industrial design must be new, industrially applicable and distinctive.

Grievance, objection and imitation complaint

Grievance is the right of the applicant against the decision to refuse registration or to suspend a condition on time. The objection is to submit an objection to the application for registration after publication during the specified legal period. An imitation complaint is filing of an imitation complaint on a mark, patent, utility model, drawing, or industrial design.


  • Filing TM application
  • Registration of National mark
  • Request for mark examination
  • Imitation complaint

  • Filing Patent application
  • Registration of patent
  • Documents submission
  • Certified Arabic translation

Industrial Design
  • Application to register Industrial Design
  • Pay Publication & Registration
  • Correction or amendments
  • Cancellation and publication